We explore and use digital technologies to make a positive impact.

If you have the purpose, we can build the solution.


You value as a decision maker will increase significantly, if you know which technology projects to invest in.

Our workshops are not just presentations. You will try out technologies yourself guided by a person who actually creates solutions with them.

The program covers virtual reality, augmented reality, drones, minicomputers, internet of things, robotics, 3d print, agile software, machine learning, A.I. and more.

You will discuss impact on your own business, try to come up with ideas and we will to create rapid prototypes with you.

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Aperify Technologies creates value with digital technology.

Our solutions run on browsers, computers, mobile devices, servers and the cloud.

We also develop solutions involving virtual reality, drones, 3d printers, robots, machine learning, augmented reality, training systems, automation, space, A.I. or any other purposefull use of digital technology.

We break down systems into smaller pieces to deliver faster, lower risk and ensure return on investment.

Tell us about your business and we will tell you how we can use technology to increase quality or your services, products or jobs. We can usually also lower costs ... or perhaps help you disrupt your entire business.

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It is not a secret that many of our projects are ... secret.

We work with customer, who invest a lot of time and money in creating new services and products. They pay us for our work and thus, they own it. That is fair. They need to make money to create even better products and services.

However, some projects are not secret. Either because they have been completed and released. Or because they are our own.

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Technology is changing the world ... fast.

That is why we also have an obligation. An obligation to put it into a broader context.

To maintain the right direction we look into philosophy, humanities, history ... and even art.

Without purpose technology is meaningless. That is why we take this very seriously.

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